A Letter From The Owners

After 40 years of passion...conceiving, planning, building, and nearly continuously running Spring Lakes Golf Club, Beth Frost has decided it is time to pass on the Frost legacy. Spring Lakes was sold to a new ownership group in May 2016, headed up by CPGA Golf Professional Bob Lean, who has been a part of Spring Lakes for over 20 years. Bob is excited to be the Managing Partner/CEO, and aims to bring several improvements along with the new ownership team.

Mrs. Frost had this to say, "I've absolutely loved that Mac and I were able to turn farmland into a "Golfer's" golf club. Over the years I've enjoyed getting acquainted with thousands of Spring Lakes members. While I have loved coming to work everyday, I realized I can't keep doing this forever. It had been my hope that Bob would be part of the course when I stepped away. Knowing Bob will carry on the Spring Lakes tradition gives me peace of mind. Cinder and Jason feel the same way. Thank you to all our members - especially those who I've known since the beginning - for being part of Spring Lakes. I wish all the members, new owners, and especially Bob all the best in the coming years. Enjoy playing golf and enjoy Spring Lakes!"


All members will automatically retain their Spring Lakes membership. Fees paid and membership categories will be fully honored by the new ownership. Reciprocal playing privileges at Vespra Hills will remain as is.

Bob noted: "I'm excited and delighted to be the new CEO and Managing Partner of Spring Lakes Golf Club. It has been a dream in the back of my mind that I never really dared to admit! The next few months and years will be busy, but I work to carry on the traditions of the club and as I look to serve the members with my new team. The members are what make Spring Lakes so special. What a privilege to be able to continue to serve them!"

Mac and Beth Frost established Spring Lakes Golf Club in 1977.  They grew it into a 54 hole golf complex - Canada's largest private course.  Bob Lean observed that Mac and Beth's foresight created an environment for being able to play affordable private golf, while not having to worry about tee times and long rounds - a remarkable combination.