Regulations & Guidelines 2020

The following policies are designed to produce a Club atmosphere that is as satisfactory as possible to all members.  Please take a few minutes to read them, to help make things run more smoothly during the season.  

“Don’t leave home without it” (your membership card and credit/debit card that is). Members must present their membership card and credit card to register in the Pro Shop before each game. Each member will present his/her own card.  If a member has guests, he/she should not register until the guests are all present in the Pro Shop.  Members will also present their membership card before ordering food or beverage in the Clubhouse, Halfway House, Pro Shop.  Members may be asked to present their membership card at the Driving Range upon request or at any time on the Club property.

Members should be available to meet their guests when they arrive, are responsible for their guests, and must play with and remain with them until they leave. Member game fees are $40 weekdays and $50 weekends and holidays.

Guests in the company of a member are able to buy merchandise in the Pro Shop and /or food and drinks in the Clubhouse by using their credit/debit card. 

Members should advise guests of our dress code regulations before they arrive at the Club.  The dress code applies everywhere on the Club property.  Please read the section entitled “Dress Code Regulations” and when you invite your guests for a round here please take the time to familiarize them with our dress code and other policies.

Members should also advise guests of our speed of play regulations before and during their round of golf.


The Club will not be responsible for loss or damage to property of members or guests. You are advised to insure your clubs or equipment with your insurer. Members will be legally and financially responsible for damages to the Club property such as windows, damage to power carts whether caused by them or their guests. Members and their guests shall not bring to or have on Club property any beer, wine or spirits not purchased from the Club. If the Club incurs any penalty or liability by reason of breach of this regulation by any member or guest, such member shall indemnify and save harmless the Club. The Club management may at any time, without stating the reasons, deny guest privileges to any individual. Spring Lakes Golf Club reserves the right, with or without notice, to add, delete, change, or modify its operating policies and procedures at any time, in the best interests of the Club.

Standards of Conduct

  • Members of Spring Lakes Golf Club are expected to respect and adhere to the Club's general standards of conduct, as follows:
  • Maintain courteous relations with the Club, employees, fellow members, and guests.
  • Uphold the highest standards of personal conduct so as to reflect the image and stature of the Club.
  • Familiarize themselves with, and abide by, the spirit and rules and regulations of the Club.
  • Observe the highest standards of conduct and integrity when representing the Club at outside events.
  • The conduct of any member that is detrimental to the best interests of the Club will be immediately referred to management for disciplinary measures, which may include suspension of privileges or the termination of membership.


Spring Lakes Golf Club does not tolerate harassment.  Any form of harassment related to race, colour, gender, religion, national origin, or age is a violation of this policy and will be treated as a serious disciplinary matter.  This policy applies to members, guests, and employees.


Members and guests shall not reprimand employees or discuss Club affairs with any employee.  Complaints and concerns should be directed in writing to the Club.


Spring Lakes Golf Club is licensed under the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO). To ensure enjoyment of the Club, members and guests shall abide by the rules and regulations as set out by the AGCO.  Alcohol shall not be brought onto the property or removed at any time.

Expulsion and Suspension of Members

  • If a member or guest, at any time, does not comply with the rules and regulations of the Club as are in force, or if the conduct or behaviour of any such person, whether inside or outside the Club is, in the opinion of the Club, injurious or detrimental to the character, reputation, and image of the Club and its members, the Club may call upon the member to resign.
  • If the member refuses to resign within seven days of a request to do so, the Club may expel the member. Upon expulsion, membership shall be forfeited to the Club.
  • As an alternate to expulsion, the Club may, at its discretion, suspend the offending member from using the Club and from all of the rights and privileges of membership for such a period as determined by the Club.
  • It is specifically provided and acknowledged that non-compliance with the rules and regulations of the Club shall be cause for the Club to expel or suspend the member.

Liability on Cessation of Membership

Any person ceasing to be a member, regardless of how the membership ceased, shall be liable for and shall pay all amounts owing to the Club.  Any person ceasing to be a member shall forfeit all rights to use the Club and all cards, badges and documents pertaining to that person’s membership.

Reinstatement of Members

The Club may, at its absolute discretion, reinstate such person as a member or restore any rights and privileges that have been suspended.

Members Lounge

Please use discretion at the members lounge. Concern regarding drinking and driving is growing, and no one can ignore the heavy liability and risks involved. We will ask people not to drink too much, and your cooperation is appreciated.


Members wishing receipts for any expenditure at the Club must retain their receipts at time of purchase.  Itemized summary statements will not be issued. 


Members may not bring golf clubs into the Clubhouse.  Golf shoes may be worn in the Members Lounge/Dining Room and Locker Room area. Hats and caps are not allowed (other than ladies hats) in the Members Lounge or Dining Room.

Entrance Gates

For security reasons the Highway 48 gate may be locked early in the evening, therefore we recommend exiting via the Stouffville Road gate if you are at the Club at night

Junior Guests

  • Juniors are 17 years of age and under (proof of age I.D. may be required). Juniors may play, if accompanied by a member, after noon on weekends and holidays, anytime Monday to Friday.
  • Juniors must be able to play golf, and not hold up play on the course.
  • Junior Guest Fees: Mon - Thu: $20. + GST, Sat. Sun. & Holidays: $25. + GST
  • The adult member will be responsible for the conduct of their junior guest.  The Club reserves the right to restrict privileges at their discretion.

9 – Hole Rates

Spring and Fall rates are as follows:

  • Mon-Fri: Members $30.00, Guests $35.00
  • Sat, Sun, and Holidays:  Members $40.00, Guests $45.00
  • NO Rain Checks on 9 - Hole Rates.  All 9 - hole rounds must start on #1 East Course. 

Membership Renewals

Membership renewal forms for the following year will be available in the main office and/or Pro Shop starting October 15th.  Forms not picked up will be mailed or sent by email October 31st.  Renewals and postdated cheques MUST be returned by January 15th, as stated on the renewal form.  Members not returning renewals by this date will be considered to have resigned. Penalties will be applied on all late returns.

Golf Lessons

Lessons may be booked through the Pro Shop, either in person or by telephone. A minimum 48 hrs. in advance is recommended. 905-640-3633.   Lesson Rate: $40.00 per 1/2 hour.

Course Opening Times

Weather permitting, we will open the course for play at 7:30 a.m. on weekdays and 7:00 a.m. on weekends. Refer to your calendar of events for tee-time changes in Fall as the days become shorter. Members are reminded that the Club is open year - round. 

Pro Shop

The Pro Shop will be open 30 minutes before the first tee time.  Merchandise is available, and we would like to remind members that Clubs or any other merchandise not stocked may be ordered through the Pro Shop.

Halfway House

The Halfway House for the North and South courses will be open from 9am to 6pm daily except during inclement weather where it may close early or possibly be closed for the day.

Dining Room and Member Lounge Service

Dining Room and Bar Lounge service is available from 11:00 a.m. each day.  Lunch is served in the Dining Room from 11:00am, and closing hours will vary, weather depending. Please call ahead for reservations. 905-640-3633 ext. 224.

Designated Non - Smoking / Vaping

All Spring Lakes buildings have been designated as Non- Smoking / Vaping areas.  Therefore, smoking and vaping are not permitted in the Clubhouse, Pro Shop, or Halfway House. Smoking / Vaping is also prohibited by law on the covered porch outside the Pro Shop and covered areas around the Clubhouse.


  • Guest game fees are $65 weekdays and $75 weekends and holidays + GST.  There is no limit on the number of times a member may bring the same guest. A member may bring a maximum of three guests at a time.
  • Guests or member's game fees cover 18 holes only. 
  • Guests who are members of other Clubs may not sign expenses back to their own Club. 
  • Members of Spring Lakes are requested not to sign back expenses generated at other Clubs to their numbered membership account at this Club.
  • We will not accommodate late arriving guests.
  • Do not bring unskilled guests at busy times.
  • Spectators are not allowed on any course or Driving Range.
  •  FOR SAFETY AND LIABILITY REASONS “Spectators” and “Walk/Ride along” guests are not permitted on the course, unless approved.

Starting Times (phone #: 905-640-3633 ext. 231)

  • Starting times will not be accepted for weekday play.  Tee-off times for weekend and holidays will be accepted after 12 noon, two days in advance, (i.e. Thursday noon to 5pm for Saturday; Friday noon to 5pm for Sunday; Saturday noon to 5pm for a Holiday Monday). Please know surnames of your group when calling. 
  • The Club reserves the right to add players to make up foursomes at any time. 
  • We do not book consecutive groups on one phone call.  All groups should have equal access to the tee. We do not book times for a single player.  The starter will fit them in.
  • For Club events you can check your tee time with the Golf Shop two days prior to the event. When booking times, please have last names of your guests available.

Vespra Hills Golf Club

Members wishing to play at our sister Club in Barrie must call for TEE-TIME availability @1- 705-721-5831.  Times are available after 12 noon, two days before play.  The “Member Game Fee” will be applied. Visiting members may bring up to three guests.

Practice Areas

  • Guests, who are registered to play golf, may use the practice areas with the host member before teeing off. 
  • Spectators or non-registered guests are not permitted at any time. Guests may not use the practice facilities after their round is completed.
  • Players may not practice or hit extra balls on any regular fairway, bunker, green, or lawns surrounding the Clubhouse.  Practice must be confined to the designated practice areas. 
  • Range balls are provided for use only on the range and chipping area, not for use on the putting green. 
  • Please use your own golf balls for this purpose.
  • Driving Range will be open 1/2 hour before the first tee-off time.  Closing time will be no later than 8pm. 
  • During inclement weather or nights where all golfers are off the courses early, the range and practice greens will not stay open late.   
  • Range will be closed until noon every Monday (or every Tuesday after a holiday) for maintenance.

Locker Rooms

  • The towels in the locker rooms and hand towels in washrooms are not to be taken out on the golf course. 
  • Golf towels may be purchased in the Golf Shop.
  • In the Men’s locker room do not use the door which exits to the deck behind the Clubhouse.   This door should be kept closed at all times to discourage theft and unwanted visitors.  It is to be used as an emergency exit only. 
  • Please note that advertising in the locker rooms or anywhere else on Club property is prohibited.  The Bulletin Boards located outside the Locker Rooms are for the use of the Club only.

Club Storage

The Club storage area is for staff only.  THE STORAGE FLOOR IS EXTREMELY SLIPPERY AND MEMBERS ARE RESTRICTED FROM ENTERING THIS AREA.  We are unable to store electric walking carts.

Power Carts

  • 18 - hole cart rate is $40 plus tax for two riders and $20 plus tax for a single rider.
  • Members are responsible for, and will be charged for, all damage to cart(s) assigned to them or their guests, any injuries resulting from their operation, or damage to the course resulting from the use of a cart. 
  • Juniors may not operate golf carts at any time.
  • Members renting power carts for the season, will sign for a half cart fee if a second person rides with them.
  • No more than two golf bags are to be carried on one power cart, and no more than two people may ride at one time.
  • Power carts are to be kept on cart paths near all greens and tees.
  • Power carts may not be used to go to practice areas after a round. 
  • Power carts are to be returned to the cart storage area before dark.

Pull Carts

Pull carts are free of charge to members and guests. Kindly return them to the bag storage area.  Please do not leave pull carts in the parking lot.  Under no circumstances is a pull cart to be towed by a power cart.

Rental Clubs

Rental clubs are available through the Pro Shop for $25.

Speed of Play

  • Members should attempt to play fast enough to keep up with the group ahead without crowding or hitting into them. 
  • We suggest you play “Ready Golf” - after putting out, proceed to the next tee and hit when ready if the group ahead is clear.  The golfer who is “up” is the one who is ready to hit, not necessarily the one with the lowest score on the last hole.
  • If there is an open hole ahead of you and the group behind you catches up, stand aside and allow them to play through, and don't start again until they are clear.  A foursome should play 18 holes in no more than 4 hours and 15 minutes. 
  • Singles and twosomes should not expect to play through foursomes at busy times.  
  • During busy times, only single digit handicap players should use the blue tees.

Dress Code Regulations

  • Not permitted are tennis or other short shorts and skirts, cut-offs, jeans, leggings, T-shirts, exposed midriff, tank and halter tops, sweat pants, or any garments or caps with garish, or vulgar slogans, cargo pants and cargo shorts (bottoms with multiple pockets).
  • Jeans may be worn in Clubhouse but not on the golf course, putting green, driving range nor pitching area.
  • Gentlemen’s shirts must have sleeves and collars (turtlenecks and mock turtlenecks are fine), and are to be worn tucked in at the waist at all times.  Bermuda or Jamaica length non “jean” shorts are acceptable. Men’s hats must be removed in the dining areas of the main Clubhouse. All Spring Lakes personnel are required to enforce the Dress Code regulations, and golfers will be refused privileges unless these regulations are met.  A stock of acceptable golf attire will be available for purchase in the Pro Shop. Baseball caps are to have the brim facing forward.

Cell Phones

Cell phones are to be on vibrate at all times when on the golf course or in the Clubhouse.


Members planning to play in Spring Lakes events are required to register every score in the handicap computer. Instructions are at the computer in the Pro Shop.  Scores can also be entered using the internet at


  • Repair ball marks on greens.
  • Replace and pat down all divots. 
  • Please put cigarette and cigar butts in the ash trays.
  • Please use care when replacing flags.
  • Don't take more than one practice swing on the tee.
  • Golfers should not pry the ball out of the cup with a Club head.
  • Rake sand traps and afterwards place (do not throw) the rake in the trap.

Rain Checks

  • If rain causes a game to be given up after 9 holes or less are played, a rain check for 9 holes will be issued and will be honoured for a half rate on an 18 hole round only.  Cannot be redeemed for a 9 hole round.
  • If a player does not tee off, but has already signed in, a rain check for 18 holes is issued.
  • Rain checks are only valid in the season during which they were issued.  Rain checks are only issued through the Pro Shop on the day of inclement weather.  Replacements are only available from the Pro Shop.
  • Pro Shop receipt and scorecard must be presented.

Spousal Privileges

A member's spouse is a guest and has no membership privileges.

Thank you for reading these regulations and guidelines.  We want to make the Club enjoyable for everyone, so please keep and refer to this during the golf season.  Your co-operation is appreciated.